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Sector 6 currently has no classes booked. If you are an instructor interested in renting our space to host group fitness classes, please contact us



Total Knock Out

Fitness Kickboxing is one of the best cardio conditioning classes to burn calories and have some fun while doing it. This class is comprised of teaching basic punches and kicks with partnering gloves, pads and heavy bags.  Don’t have equipment – not to worry we have those supplied if needed.


The 30 minute HIIT circuit that will KIX-Start your day!

This class is a unique blend of resistance training combined with timed endurance. It is a quick 30 min class that is specifically structured to enhance strength and tone muscle. We use various equipment and machines so that you can target muscle groups properly and get the most out of this 30 min class!


Total Body Conditioning

In this class you can expect a variety of equipment/exercises from cables, kettle bells, TRX, kickboxing, etc.  This is a fast pace, challenging class, but again all modifications available so all levels welcome!


Due to the cancellation of many events, Sector 6 has nothing booked at this time. 
Please stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the Fall 2020!
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