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Andrew Krushelniski

Founder & CEO

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Training Coordinator

I created  Sector 6 in 2016 looking to do something a little different in the fitness industry. I wanted a store that was not overwhelming and only carried high end clean products. I am certified in Personal Training and am a Sports Nutrition Specialist. I correlate all my supplement recommendations based on ones current or goal and nutrition background. I do want to see success in my customers and clients so I will always go the extra mile to make sure that happens! 

I have always had a passion for fitness and training. From the age of 6 years old I have been involved in sport and training; whether it be martial arts, boxing, football, or even track and field. There is nothing I enjoy more than using my passion for fitness and training to help and inspire others to be the best they can be; either through personal training, boxing coaching, or mindset coaching. The end goal for me is to help people live happier and healthier lives

Our aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals by providing you with exceptional products suitable for any lifestyle. We have strategically picked our products based on manufacture location, ingredients and the broad range of dietary choices.


Sector 6 will carry everything from plant based vegan proteins to the highest quality protein isolates and everything in between. Organic mixture, Gluten Free and GMO Free ingredients were carefully sought out for to bring our customers the most pure and healthy supplements on the market.


We are also supporting Canadian made supplement and nutrition companies with having 90% of our shelved products made and manufactured from this great country.


You work hard for a healthy lifestyle, so get the proper supplements that will work with you to maintain what you have earned and surpass your health and fitness goals.

The Private Sector offers a fully private fitness facility for you to train in a comfortable and less intimidating environment. 


  • Rent out the Private Sector hourly to have a private gym to yourself!


  • Perfect for Personal Trainers to bring clients to for one on one training!


  • Great for undistracted photo shoot’s and posing practice for your next event!


  • Train with a certified Private Sector Personal Trainer for next level results and expertise!


  • Have full control of the music to help motivate you while you train!


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Tel: (403) 938-1325

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206-44 Riverside Gate

Okotoks, AB T1S 0J2

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